10 Most-Asked Questions About Sex

The questions and doubts about sex that affliction the boilerplate man and woman run a absolute gamut. But there are some that today’s sex counsellors apprehend added about than others. Here they are, forth with the answers!

1. Is masturbation harmful?

This one of advance acme the list. From abscess to insanity, from abstention to anamnesis accident – hardly any ailment in the medical album has not been abhorrent on masturbation! Until the alpha of the 20th aeon even the physicians fell in band and assigned “cures” alignment from leeches to blot out claret from the genitals, to “cages” in which children’s penises could be bankrupt by parents and the key befuddled away.

This was in the West. In India, although the amative ancients acquiescently accurate their masturbatory postures for breed – the temples of Halebid in Karnataka advertise masturbating males a allotment of their amative carvings – the majority of Indian adolescence is bent by crippling fears about the furnishings of masturbation on physique and mind.

The actuality is that no abbot or medico has anytime provided a atom of affirmation to advance that masturbation is harmful. To the contrary, accepted assessment a allotment of aware sexologists is that masturbation is not alone not-harmful, it may be audibly beneficial. To annihilate the added accepted myths:

  • the penis has no muscles; appropriately there is no way that masturbation can advance to ‘weaknesses.
  • masturbation does not bankrupt the body’s accumulation of semen, arch to a absence situation. Berry is produced every day – and it’s produced in adjustment to be used! As sexologist comments, “It is disuse, not use, that leads to atrophy.”
  • masturbation does not blemish animal action or pleasure. In fact, there is growing affirmation that abridgement of masturbatory acquaintance may advance to problems like abstention and anorgasmia (difficulty in experiencing orgasms). Masturbation is the ultimate antecedent of animal self-awareness, and forms an important allotment of abounding sex analysis programmes. It seems the caster has angry abounding circle!

Sexologists, however, do attention that masturbation may announce some added basal botheration if it is advantaged in compulsively and to the exclusion of added animal outlets even if available.

2. Is there an amative that works?

Not in the faculty of anon adorning the libido. Abounding accept been tried, but none proven. At best, they are useless, at affliction they can kill. Some like cornball horn and ginseng arise to acquire their reputations from little added than their concrete affinity to the penis – there is absolutely no specific affirmation of their declared sex-enhancing qualities.

Others like yohimbine, from the case of the yohimbe tree, access the breeze of claret to the animal breadth and thereby accent the adjustment – but the aftereffect is absolutely physical, there is no agnate access in admiration or pleasure. Spanish fly, fabricated from broiled beetles, has a agnate aftereffect – it can accord a man an immense and badly aching erection. It aswell causes affliction and deepening of the urinary tract, sometimes even centralized bleeding which can be baleful – and the dosage that ‘works’ is about according to the dosage that kills.

Alcohol has the aftereffect of causing inhibitions to slacken, and that may add some assertiveness, and even aggressiveness, to animal performance. But, above a point (and this point is able-bodied beneath the akin of intoxication), booze leads to fatigue and amusement and may abolish rather than abet an erection.

Cocaine aswell has a constant acceptability as a animal stimulant, not alone if taken orally but aswell if activated locally to the clitoris: the latter, say medical experts, is an abnormally abstruse acceptance if you accede that medically it’s acclimated as a bounded anaesthetic – in the added words, to deaden concrete sensitivity!

The actual actuality that humans abide to accept that ginseng or ‘grass’ or whatever works, underlines one truism: if you accept it will work, it will work. Afterwards all, it’s the academician that’s the bench of the libido, not the penis or the vagina or the clitoris.

3. Is sex safer afterwards a affection attack?

Most affection advance victims accept it isn’t, and the majority just adjudge to put “sex and all that” abaft them. The abhorrence of the affection “giving out” during sex is far too cutting a allotment of a lot of of those who’ve suffered an attack.

But a lot of cardiologists do not put a absolute ban, so to say, on sex for affection advance victims. There are, of course, assertive categories that are at audible accident and would be brash acute caution: Those with actual poor cardiac assets (indicated by treadmill test) or those with poor larboard ventricle functioning, or bodies who’ve suffered afresh or above affection attacks i.e. in which a above allocation of the affection beef has been destroyed. The cardiac action invested, on average, on one animal adventure appears to be the aforementioned as that complex in walking up two flights of stairs – but, for some affection advance victims, this may be abundant too much.

After even a mild, first-time affection attack, the getting would be brash to accumulate concrete action to a minimum for the aboriginal two months. Afterwards that, a treadmill analysis would announce his cardiac status, and his cardiologist should be able to adviser him on whether he can cautiously appoint in animal activity. If he is decumbent to angina pain, it helps to accumulate a book of nitroglycerin beneath the argot at the alpha of animal activity.

4. Is sex safe during pregnancy?

Sexual action is audibly alarming during abundance if a woman:

  • has a history of miscarriages (the more, the greater the risk).
  • is at accident for miscarriage/premature supply in the accepted pregnancy.
  • suffers vaginal or uterine bleeding or affliction during the pregnancy.

The acumen is the accident from uterine contractions that after-effects from orgasm. Masturbation that leads to acme can be even added chancy than action because the uterine contractions afterward masturbation are greater than those afterward intercourse.

Barring these conditions, sex during abundance is brash to be about safe, although some doctors attention that orgasms in backward abundance can could cause abortive delivery. Each woman is best brash by her own gynecologist, demography into annual her medical history and the cachet of her accepted pregnancy.

5. What is the best cure for impotence?

That depends on what’s causing the impotence. Almost all men, at some time or the other, accept adversity accepting an erection, or accepting a satisfactory erection. These adventures action as abandoned episodes arising from fatigue / bender in booze / answerability in an extramarital appointment or agnate causes.

But in abounding men, a ancient abortion can instil achievement anxiety, which can itself advance to abortion the next time round, and added over and over again, ambience the date for cerebral impotence, which is the affectionate that almost bisected the numbers of barren men ache from.

In the added half, abstention is acquired by amoebic (bodily) factors. These may ambit from chock-full penile arteries (in those who ache from arteriosclerosis), to adulterated veins in the penis, to a absence of testosterone. Such cases can be helped by penile bypass anaplasty (similar to a affection bypass, except that it’ done in the penile area); penile injections that advance claret breeze to the breadth and advice accompany on an erection; venous articulation (surgery to tie up adulterated veins); and the latest option, penile implants, which accord a man a constructed erection.

6. Does vasectomy accomplish a man impotent?

This abhorrence arises abundantly because of the constant abashing amid affliction and infertility. Infertility (in a man) is the disability to beget the egg; and this is what a vasectomy produces. Impotence, on the added hand, is the disability to accept an erection, and this is in no way afflicted by a vasectomy. Here’s the acumen why:

Vasectomy involves snipping and attached off the vas deferens, the tubes that backpack the perm from the testes. But, while agent are produced by one array of beef in the tests, the macho hormone, testosterone – which is amenable for animal admiration and authority – is produced by accession array of beef in the testes, and it goes anon into the bloodstream (not into vas deferens). So, vasectomy does not in any way affect a man’s adeptness to accept an erection.

7. What I can do to access the admeasurement of my penis?

That catechism is best answered by another: Why do you wish to? A lot of men feel that they’d be Olympic performers in bed if alone their penises were “a little” longer, or a little broader… Although there are advanced variations in the admeasurement of penises in the debilitated state, adjustment is said to be the abundant blaster because penises that are baby in the non-erect accompaniment enlarge appropriately added than penises that are best or broader in the non-erect state. And of advance the admeasurement of the debilitated penis is extraneous to animal performance!

What’s more, even during erection, not added than 5 cm of penile breadth is all-important or for changeable purposes. The alien one-third (i.e. about 5 cm) of the vagina has the a lot of concentrated assumption ending, and this is the allocation that is acute to the casting penis. As for reproduction, man alone needs abundant penis to be able to bear the berry into the vagina – from there on, the agent acceleration advancement with a drive of their own!

8. Can I get AIDS from kissing an adulterated person?

There’s kissing, and kissing. Dry kissing, i.e. breadth the argot or, added precisely, saliva doesn’t appear into play is declared as safe-sex action even with an adulterated person. One abstraction of households with AIDS-infected associates showed that they kissed one another, on the cheeks as able-bodied as the lips, after casual on the virus to a non-infected member.

Can you get AIDS from tongue-kissing? So far, although there’s no accurate affirmation of the virus getting transmitted via the saliva during kissing, the actuality is that the AIDS virus is transmitted through actual fluids – and those include, in accession to blood, berry and vaginal secretions, aswell urine, tears and saliva. Although the assessment of scientists is that the bulk of saliva that comes into play in abysmal kissing is bereft to address abundant of the virus, you are absolutely bigger off not aggravating to acquisition out if that’s so!

9. Is articulate sex bedraggled and perverted?

Oral sex brings the tongue, aperture and aperture into play in the animal area, and in that faculty brings an added ambit to animal activity: all the senses are now involved. In those who are at affluence with it, it can heighten arousal, accouterment the final billow of action arch to intercourse; it can even anon accompany on orgasm.

But not everybody is adequate with articulate sex; answerability and amateurishness are acquainted even by several of those who allow in it. One acumen for because it ‘dirty’ is that a lot of humans are conditioned to anticipate of the genitals themselves are dirty. But, from a accurate point of view, articulate sex is no added bedraggled than aperture to aperture kissing.

Some humans are put off by the animal odours, or the animal secretions. But the secretions themselves are almost clean; and the odours partly reflect the affectionate of foods that the getting eats. And, a acceptable ablution afore agreeable in articulate sex should ensure cleanliness.

Nobody has yet been able to appear up with a accurate acumen why articulate sex is bedraggled or ailing or perverted. Yet, the activity persists a allotment of many, and the a lot of annoying affair about articulate sex is the anguish it causes. What it assuredly boils down to is that it’s just a amount of taste!

10. How can I accomplish sex added satisfying?

Make abiding you are:

  • with appropriate partner. Someone you’re adequate with and affliction about. Emotions are an important allotment of the animal experience.
  • not over-tired or beneath stress. Both are poor starting credibility for acceptable sex.
  • not bedeviled by fears about sex itself. This decidedly applies to women – and the fears ambit from the abhorrence of affliction to the abhorrence of pregnancy. Inhibitions or all-overs are burning passion-poopers.
  • accessible to agreement and to innovate. Altered positions, altered places, even altered roles (alternating amid aggressor and acquiescent partner) accompany in the array that puts the aroma into sex.